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by Mandy on May 13, 2012

Dunya NewsOnline

Dunya NewsOnline

Dunya News Online

Dunya news online is an Urdu language news and current affairs television channel from Pakistan, that supports online viewers as well. Basically, the word Dunya in English means World. This name is best applied to the channel as it focused on breaking news all around the world. It is launched in the year 2008 and is now available throughout Pakistan. It also becomes one of the favourite news channels among Pakistanis.

The Dunya news online has been giving strong competition to the other news channels in the country. For example, one of its competitors is geo news live, which is fully owned and operated by Jang Group, a subsidiary of the Independent Media Corporation. This channel started its broadcasting earlier than Dunya news, in the year 2005. Similar to Dunya news, this channel has millions of viewers in Pakistan. However, Dunya news falls under the news category channel whereas Geo TV falls under the entertainment category. Despite the difference, most of the news channels became competitor among each other. Other news channels in Pakistan include Aaj news, ARY news and Express news.

In Dunya news online, a wide range of news are available, from world, sports, entertainment and business news. However, drama is not provided in this channel unlike the Geo TV, which provides geo TV dramas. Unlike the latter channel, the previous one focused mainly on news. One of the hit news found in Dunya news is the explosion at railway station in Lahore, where a bomb exploded near a luxury train. In this incident, at least two people were killed. Other news includes the massive fires rage through Mexican forest, where fire fighters struggled to fully control the fire on the southern outskirts of Guadalajara. It was reported that the blaze in the forest has ravaged major parts of the protected reserve. These are news on Pakistan as well as world news.

Dunya New Online | Provides News On Sports, Entertainments and Business

Other than the mentioned news above, Dunya news online also provides news on sports, entertainments and business to satisfy those who are very interested in these areas. In sports news, we get to know that Murray gets clay season started with Barcelona win, in which he beats Sergiy Stakhovsky 6-3, 6-2 in the second round. Other sports news in Dunya TV includes the news on the London Marathon where a woman died in the competition after collapsing. While some might be interested in sports news, others might be more interested in other type of news like the entertainment news. Therefore, the latest news on celebrities’ activities are being aired too. As for businessmen, the business news will be the choice of news for them.

While there are so many choices of news channel available, which support both online and offline viewers, the preference of channels strongly depend on each individual. Basically, the purpose of this article is to briefly introduce international viewers about Dunya news online, one of the famous news channel.

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