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by Mandy on May 7, 2012

Video Stream

Video Stream


Video Stream

Interested to know what is Video Stream creation? It is a common term among users of the Internet. Basically, it works whereby the content of video is sent through the Internet and displayed as in real time to online viewers in a compressed form. The biggest advantage is that viewers do not have to wait for a particular file to completely be downloaded in order to play it, since the media streams continuously via the data sent and played whenever it reaches the users. This is why viewers prefer video streaming since they do not have to wait for hours or days for a file to finish downloading.

In video stream, users need a player to play the file sent. The media player is usually a special program that will decompress the compressed file sent. Then, it will send the video data to the display and audio data to the speakers. People often used this method in movie stream as they can start watching the file almost as soon as it begins downloading. Due to the popularity of this technology, many movie streaming sites are available over the Internet. Some are free but most sites require users to register and pay for the service.

How are streaming videos actually created? When it comes to creating a video stream, two important things need to be remembered; the video file format and the streaming method. There are many types of file formats to select from. The most common formats includes Windows Media, Real Media, Quick Time, MPEG and Adobe Flash. Choosing the file format is dependent on individuals’ preference since there are advantage and disadvantage for each format. Some people will create separate files for each format in order to reach to most audiences, as they also have their own preferences of file format in video download stream. However, it is not practical and best to make judgment on which format to provide to the users.

Video Streaming | A Skilled Media Technology

As mentioned briefly, there are two ways to view media on the Internet; downloading and streaming it. Delivering video files for the downloading method is also known as HTTP streaming or delivery. HTTP means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. It is easy to set up and used on almost any websites, without additional software. However, this is not technically a true method of video stream. True streaming for videos must be delivered from some specialized video stream server, a specialized application which runs on the Internet server. Other advantages of it other than no waiting is required, are the ability to handle larger traffic loads and the ability to broadcast live events. There are two ways to access to a streaming server. The first way is to operate your own server through purchase or, you can sign up for a hosted streaming plan.

No doubt, true video streaming in any format can be expensive. For beginners, it is advisable to start off with the basic HTTP streaming unless true streaming is really needed. There are much more knowledge to be learnt in order to be an expert in video stream, a skilled media technology.

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