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by Mandy on May 13, 2012

Web TV

Web TV


You can learn all about Web TV here.  Web television, commonly known as web TV is a general term used in the category of technology that enables user to surf the web on TV. Most of them consist of a small box that connects to the telephone line and television, where it makes a connection to the Internet via the telephone service. Then, it converts the downloaded web pages to a format that can be displayed on the television. In short, it utilizes a television system to access web programming content that is delivered via the Internet. The name WebTV has been trademarked by Microsoft recently.

Web TV is a genre growing rapidly with various forms of new technology and media available to deliver genuine shows or original series to viewers. It is often confused with other terms such as the Internet television. Internet TV is the digital distribution of television content via the Internet whereas web TV consists of short programs or videos created by individuals or entertainment companies. Generally, it delivers television shows or other video content over the Internet by a technology known as video streaming. With the rise in the popularity of the Internet, more web series are produced. Other reasons that lead to this popularity is the non stop improvements or updates on the streaming technology, as well as the increasing availability of broadband services. Besides, producing and distributing web series is cheap and viewers can access the show at any time they preferred.

There are many web television series produced so far. Examples are BattleStar Galactica, Sanctuary, Star Trek: New Voyages, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Mortal Kombat: Legacy, The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers and others. More information on the shows can be seen on their web TV links. As mentioned earlier, the continuing rise of web TV has allowed independent producers to produce low budget series that is being distributed widely on the Internet. By looking at these amounts of attentions and attractions, major television production companies are starting to use the Internet as a mean to promote their television shows or series. Some even ventured to develop specific media and shows for the Internet. The outcomes are very satisfying.

Web TV | popular among the younger users

Streaming TV shows has become really popular especially among the younger users. It works by constantly receiving and presenting the content to the viewers, while being delivered by a streaming provider. It is so convenient that it brings direct popularity to web TV. In streaming, the stream quality is most important. The quality involves the image and audio being transferred from the servers to the viewers. Therefore, higher quality videos especially those in high definition require higher band with and of course, faster Internet connection speed.

The Internet technology is no doubt rapidly growing. If you have not been exposed to these technologies, let’s join the millions of people from all over the world who have already been watching TV on their computers. There are many other stream or web TV shows available for your past time.

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